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Thanksgiving Bitstrip

Up early this morning with plans to stay in all day and continue the project I began yesterday – hauling all the Christmas decorations out of storage, sorting and reassembling.

The front room is now a mess.

Along about 7:30, I remembered Starbucks opened at 5:00 a.m. for the Holiday drinkers and thought it would be a shame not to support the franchise inasmuch as they put their heads on the chopping block by requiring employees to work Thanksgiving morning. So I bundled up, headed out and found the Notice Fairy had struck once again.

Holiday Party Notice

This should be interesting. Having been involved in a holiday decorating contest at a previous senior complex, I know how competitive old people can be. I also know from experience that gaudy usually wins, so I’m doing nothing other than exactly as was done last year and not expecting a reward, other than my own enjoyment, to come from it.

I’m expecting some spectacular displays, especially from the two neighbors in my quad who decorate inside and outside for every occasion – one across the way upstairs, the other across the way downstairs and to the left of the one upstairs. In fact, on the way to the car, I was met by the one downstairs. “Happy Thanksgiving, honey” she says.

Again with the calling me “honey”. Like I said, they all do it. And again, I don’t mind. It makes me feel young and looked out for — sorta like a protective pat on the head.

At any rate, before I could respond, it was “Did you see the notice about the contest? And she went into a spiel about, “I can’t wait”, that she’d pulled her decorations out of storage, would be decorating inside as well, yada yada yada.

You’ll appreciate this Dkzody … I remembered your comment that “Your neighbor may be a retired elementary school teacher. I knew one who lived in a gated mobile home park, and like your neighbor, she had all these decorations she wanted to use.” So I asked, “Are you a retired teacher with a lot of decorations left over from that profession?”

She laughed and said, no … it was just that she had a lot of decorations from before she was widowed and lived in a house, with a big family, and had always decorated.

So excitement is in the air about the contest and I expect to see the games to begin bright and early tomorrow.

I myself am excited about the Holiday Party. Unfortunately, something came in the mail yesterday that may result in my missing the party – a jury summons.

I don’t think it a coincidence that simultaneous with the new driver’s license arriving in yesterday’s mail, there was that summons to appear. And the driver’s license photo didn’t turn out too terrible. Not as cute as the one it replaced but, for 15/20 years later, not too shabby.

As for that summons, I’d long ago put together that the courts were pulling information from voter registration records and DMV to summon people for jury duty. So, inasmuch as DMV renewed me in their system just last week, I pretty much figured it would trigger the courts and they’d be bothering me fairly soon. Only, I wasn’t expecting THIS soon – eight days later.

What’s even more annoying about being summoned is that I am summoned to appear Friday the 27th – two days after Christmas. Which means, unless I can find a way to offend the court’s sensibilities and get myself instantly dismissed, there’s a chance I’ll be stuck in voir dire or, even worse, on a panel the following Monday, December 30 — day of the Holiday Party.

My open and honest responses to questions generally mark me as undesirable and I’m sent packing fairly quickly. Questions like, “Do you believe everything the police say?”

I spent five years as a clerical in a police division; I was married to a cop, so the answer is, “Hell to the no. They have no problem with lying.”

“Do you think the criminal justice system is bias to one side or the other?”

“Yes, I do. They call it ‘criminal justice’ for a reason – all the ‘justice’ is for the criminals, with the courts withholding information about prior offenses which the jury needs to know in order to make an informed decision.”

That generally does it, gets me sent home and not bothered again for a number of years but, with the way my aggravation luck has been going lately, this will be the year they want an independent thinker, I’ll be empanelled and miss the party.

It really is an inconvenience. I’d try for a postponement, except the Senior Complex Holiday Party is not listed as a valid reason for doing so.

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