Kicking it Old School

It was a busy, hectic and chaotic yesterday, what with tons of errands to run in preparation for Sunday’s Diva Run, preparation for a last minute event here at the senior complex, and a trip to Lowe’s to get a timer for the 81 year olds Christmas lights. In the midst of running around, I had a senior moment which resulted in driving to the package pickup point for next week’s Reindeer Run in heavy traffic, rather than this week’s Diva Run, driving to several locations looking for a 12v battery for the neighbor’s timer when there was a battery already in the unit, and a lapse which requires a return trip to the scrapbook store today when I need to focus on getting my price of admission together for today’s event instead – a cookie swap.

Cookie Swap

I was on the road from 12:30 until after 7:00 last night, which was a little unsettling as I make a point not to drive at night and have only done so once in the last decade — and that time only because my daughter had a hospital emergency.

Honestly. I am so unfamiliar with night driving that when I needed to turn the lights on inside the car to locate something, I couldn’t figure out how.

It’s a good thing the headlights automatically came on.

So, anyway, the Notice Fairy fell down on the job and neglected to post the Cookie Swap to our doors. Instead, on the way to Thursday’s exercise class, I lucked up on seeing the flyer taped to the Laundry Room door.

A lot of residents are gonna miss this one.

Well, actually, a lot of residents don’t care but, even though I’m off sugar, it looks to be an interesting event so, inasmuch as I cannot cook, let alone bake my way out of a paper bag, and a couple dozen are the price of admission, one of yesterday’s errands was to stop at Trader Joe’s to pick up frozen cookie dough – a chunky chocolate chip and a package of molasses cookies. I also had to stop by the Dollar Tree to snatch up an inexpensive cookie sheet and serving tray.

So it’s up early tomorrow to see if I can get the cookies to bake properly, then a run to the scrapbook store, then hot foot it back in time for the Cookie Swap.

There was a frost advisory yesterday which necessitated my digging deep into the sock drawer and pulling out my old toe socks.

Toe Socks

As I was out and about, people would stop, stare, laugh, comment. Many said they’d never seen such a thing.


Did toe socks go the way of the dinosaur?

Are they a thing of the past?

It’s still cold enough to freeze my toes off, so I’ll be kicking it old school again today.

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